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What is Your Claim Online?

Why Choose Irwin Mitchell?

The leading personal injury team in the UK

Established in 1912, we have grown to become the leading personal injury solicitors in the UK through our belief in providing high levels of service and in putting our clients first.

We handle thousands of claims similar to yours every year and have extensive experience of dealing with almost every type of accident claim.

We pride ourselves in dealing with each case individually and in ensuring that your best interests are served at all times.

Many leading insurers and claims management companies choose to work with us because they know that they can trust us to look after their customers and that we will fight to achieve the best outcome for your claims.

Our Promise To You

At all times:

  • You will talk to friendly and caring professionals who are specialists in personal injury
  • You will receive a fast and efficient service
  • You will receive understanding, empathetic and professional advice which puts your best interest first
  • If required, we will obtain interim payments wherever possible to help fund private healthcare, rehabilitation and help with your financial security.

How Do I Make A Claim Following An Accident?

If you have been referred to Irwin Mitchell following an accident please ring 03456 041 561 and one of our team will be available to answer any questions you may have.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

The amount of compensation you receive will depend on how seriously you have been injured, the impact it has had on your home, working and social life and whether you will need extra support in the future.

We will advise you at the outset on how courts approach the assessment of compensation, and how that will apply to your case. However, we are all different and the consequences of the same injury will vary from person to person.

In addition to compensation for your injury, we will also include claims for any out of pocket expenses such as loss of earnings, care and assistance, damages items, repair/policy excess costs and loss of use.

As we learn more about you and your injury, and obtain further evidence such as medical reports, we will be able to assess more accurately how much a court is likely to award you.

How Long Will It Take To Resolve My Claim?

This depends on many factors and not one claim is the same as another. However, the simplest cases, where liability is accepted, will take around 4 months from when we are appointed by you to pursue your case.

If liability is disputed or the responsible party cannot be traced then the case will take longer. The seriousness of your injury will also have an impact on the length of time it takes to settle your case. In some cases, the extent of an injury and its true impact, does not become clear for several months or even years and it is therefore important to fully understand the long term effects of any injury you have suffered to ensure that you receive the right level of compensation.

Our experienced team will be able to guide you through the claims process and will ensure that you receive clear advice on the different options available and what, in our opinion, is the best way forward for you.

We will ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for you.

What If I Just Need Some General Advice Following An Accident?

If you are looking for some general advice following an accident, then please ring us on 0370 1500 100.

We recognise that it can be difficult following an accident which is why one of our trained advisors will handle your enquiry quickly and efficiently and provide the best possible advice, tailored to your own circumstances.